Kay Sutherland

Painting professionally since 1983, Kay Sutherland, a Wytheville, VA artist, draws inspiration from everything. Painting year round, she prefers the "en plain air" technique, French for painting outside in natural light, which gives her the freedom to express without hesitation. Sutherland describes her work as "never really knowing how a piece is going to go. I just paint fast and furious, never imagining how it will look. Each one is an original."

Art critic Doc Lawrence says "She produces visual miracles on canvas that encompass universal themes of childhood innocence, companionship, natural beauty, and her personal reverence for the spiritual refuge of home and garden." A large part of her work is landscapes, which may be accented with people and done on location to capture the mood of the environment.

Sutherland utilizes thick paint and emphasizes light and movement in landscapes, still lives, and portraits. "I don't like to tell the viewer all. I tend more to go for feeling," she says. "An emotion should be stirred. Art should start the viewers imagination, feelings and ideas."

Amy Funderburk, art judge and instructor, states "I was struck by her bold thickness of paint and directional brushwork, which not only gives her actual texture on her painting, it enhances the movement and balance of her pieces. Her technique reminds me a bit of Oskar Kukoshka."

Sutherland puts the brush and palette knife aside when she wants to create a softness that could not be otherwise obtained by using tools. She transfers her feelings from her heart through her hands. Some sould say this is a result of her being an interpreter for the hearing impaired.

Kay Sutherland has been commissioned for portraits, coordinated and designed restaurant murals, taught oil painting to adults and children, and has, upon invitation, negotiated and completed landscapes of many residential estates. She has several clients who collect her work as many of her paintings are displayed in banks, city offices and other corporate and private locations.